Kota Kidney Foundation (KKF) was established as a charitable organization in India with the mission to support “treatment for kidney failure where none exists”. This organization is founded to meet the demands of rising number of kidney failure patients globally due to rise in diabetes, hypertension and lot of other reasons. The emphasis is on the awareness, prevention and management of acute (reversible) kidney injury (AKI) in general public and to provide relief to the poor people of the society. The foundation also intends to support training for those who are involved in the delivery of kidney care in parts of the world where little or no local treatment is available. KKF works closely with the society and industry to promote kidney awareness & education research in the field of kidney disease. We also work to promote Kidney donation among general public.

Kidney health education forums

Our kidney health education forums provide excellent opportunities to gain practical information about understanding and managing medications, nutrition and lifestyle options when living with chronic (irreversible) kidney disease.

If you would like to work with our staff to organize a collaborative education forum in your community, email us on kotakidneyfoundation@gmail.com or mail to our office address.